25,000,000 SAAT

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Current Rate

1 ETH = 1300 SAAT

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SAAT is using blockchain innovation to bring the world's most advanced farming technology to West Africa, and subsequently Africa as a whole through provision of Hi-tech agribusiness for efficient agricultural produce for foreign and local markets, as well as job creation opportunities.

Hi-tech Farming

Engaging and provision of hi-tech farming systems for a round the year agricultural activities such as, Drip Irrigation, Smart Farm, Greenhouse Farming, Low Temperature Warehouse and involvement of mechanized tools for farming.

Processing Facilities

Processing of farm produce for export and local markets. Starch Mills from cassava, Rice processing plants, Plantain processing plants, additional animal feed Mills, fruits

Harvest Reward

SAAT holders will be eligible to proceeds from harvest sales three times a year, which will be paid in Ether.

Means of Payment

SAAT as a currency will serve as a legal tender to order our farm produce and technical services at both national and international markets.

Professional Services

We provide technical and advisory services to group of farmers, individual or corporate.

Storage Facilities

Procurement of hi-tech storage facilities for agricultural produce.


The United Nations’ FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANISATION published a report in year 2009 suggesting that by year 2050 agricultural productions have to rise by 70% to meet the projected demand.
“If agriculture is to continue to feed the world, it needs to become more like manufacturing -Geoffrey Carr”
The word of Geoffrey Carr sums it all. Smart farming is precision agriculture and it’s all about the application of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into agriculture. ICT solutions such as sensors, precision equipment, Internet of things (IoT), actuators, drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, robotics, big data, geo-positioning systems etc will be used to bring about the much needed yield necessary to meet up the food needs of the region as well as maximize profit from harvests.

SAATLAND Exchange Platform

The exchange comprises of two wallets for each registered user as well as marketplace portal.

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Harvest Wallets

(for SAAT Only): This wallet is sorely for distribution of harvest rewards to SAAT holders. All SAAT holders interested in dividends will be mandated to place their SAAT in this wallet not later than fifteen (15) days to harvest distribution date.

Exchange Wallet

For keeping and trading of all crypto currencies such as SAAT, BTC, ETH and others.

Offer Portal

This is an open marketplace where we display available farm produce and technical services for group of farmers, individuals or corporate entities that wish to place orders. SAAT is the only means of payment accepted to buy our farm produce or services listed on SAATLAND offer page.

Token Sale


Token Symbol: SAAT
Token Type: ERC20
Total Token Supply: 75,000,000
Available For Sale: 25,000,000
Token Price: 1 ETH = 1300 SAAT
Token Price in Dollars: $0.61
Minimum Transaction: 0.005 ETH
Minimum Goal: $3.5 Millions
Maximum Goal: $10 Millions
Main ICO Starts: Oct 1, 2019
Main ICO Ends: Oct 30, 2019
No new tokens will ever be created
All unsold tokens will be destroyed


Reserved For Year 2021 Expansion 67%


Project Expansion 80%
Advisory and Legal 5%
Development 15%


Days Bonus %
Day 1 to Day 7 20%
Day 8 to Day 14 10%
Remaining Days 5%

Project Roadmap

2012 Q2-Q4

  • Cultivation of farmlands for Maize, Cassava and Rice

2013 Q1-Q4

  • Cultivation of Plantain, Cotton and Fruit Vegetables

2014 Q3-Q4

  • Establishment of mini animal Feed mill industry and exportation of Agricultural Produce
2015 Q1-Q4

  • Q1 Technical and Advisory services for rural farmers
  • Q2 Concept of SAAT high technology agribusiness
  • Q3-Q4 Sensitization of rural farmers on the importance of SAAT high technology agriculture

2016 Q4

  • Establishment of SAAT Rural Network of Farmers (RNoF)

2017 Q1-Q2

  • Q1 Concept of blockchain dimension / SAAT Coin
  • Q2 Expansion of SAAT Rural Network of Farmers

2018 Q2-Q4

  • Q3 Full Hi-tech Agribusiness expansion Granting of credit access to SAAT RNoF Listing SAAT COIN on Cryptopia and other Major Exchange Platform
  • Q3 Launching of SAATLAND EXCHANGE PLATFORM Payment of first HARVEST rewards
  • Q4 Payment of second HARVEST rewards

2019 Q1

  • Payment of third HARVEST rewards

2021 Q3

  • Expansion of SAAT Hi-Tech Agribusiness to other parts of the African continent

Meet Our team

Proven track record in revitalizing unsuccessful businesses Expert in strategic planning and implementation, Business development Revenue growth, Executive development, Matrix management, Enterpreneurial leadership.
Agric-Hitech Expert
Expertise in land management, crop growth, and equipment maintenance . proficient at keeping costs low and yield high. Able to utilize limited materials and human resources in creative ways to accomplish farm goals.
Smart Farm Manager
Resource smart farming expert. Seasoned Agricultural field technician experienced in maintaining wide range of hi-tech gadgets and other equipments in the field.
Has excellent communication and presentation skills, understands all market movements for product sold. Develops branding concept for sales initiatives for green products.
Blockchain Expert
Blockchain Expert


You will need to create an account on You will be able to buy SAAT Tokens (SAAT) in the Member Dashboard using multiple payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, and DASH.
No! Do NOT send Ether from any exchange wallet as you may not be able to receive your tokens.
SAAT is an ERC20 standard token, so it can be stored in many different Ethereum based wallets. We recommend using MyEtherWallet, Mist, or MetaMask.
If the minimum goal is not met, refunds will be issued via the smart-contract.
Tokens will be distributed within 48hours after your contribution has been received and confirmed for those contributed with BTC, LTC, DASH Contribution made with ETH will receive there SAAT Token immediately. Please note that you are not allow to send your ETH contributions via an exchange platform. It must come from ERC20 wallet.